Interior&Prop Stylist


Katsuya Kubokawa Interior and Prop Stylist Born in Yamanashi prefecture in 1974.

Katsuya Kubokawa is an interior stylist whose designs are not only informed by his formal training,
but also by his specialization in cars, electronics, and stationary products.

As an undergraduate he studied interior design at Vantan Design Institute in Tokyo,
and was mentored by Spatial Planning and Design professor Misaco Akamatsu, who has been influential to his formation as a professional interior designer.

In 2002, Kubokawa became independent.
Since then his work has expanded from private interior design projects to the styling of TV backdrops used in shows featuring interior design,
as well as interior design related magazines.
Besides these media-related projects, Kubokawa has also started styling department window displays, apartment model rooms, and event venues.

In 2011, Kubokawa moved to the England where he spent one and a half years conducting research.
In 2013, he returned from London to Tokyo where he now continues his work as independent interior stylist.
Currently, Kubokawa is also lecturer at Toyo University in Tokyo at the Faculty of Human Life Design.